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Is your Mouth a WMD?

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 7:15 am    Post subject: Is your Mouth a WMD?  Reply with quote

Is your Mouth a WMD?

When your mouth has become a 'weapon of mass destruction' then it's time for you to seek strong deliverance. When your pen can only write what is negative about people or nations, you equally need strong deliverance. If every time your fingers hit the keyboard all you can write is negative stuff about people and your nation, you likewise need strong deliverance. It has been said, the pen is mightier than the sword, likewise the tongue can be the most dangerous body part you own, if you do not take caution as to how exactly you use it both in private and especially in public. If your fingers can never type any good and worthy thing, then simply find better use for them.

Some people never ever have any positive thing to say about anybody else including their family members and friends, while some people never have any good thing to say about their country. If these people were so perfect how come they aren't at the helm of things instead of simply using their mouths and tongues to complain, condemn and seek destruction of their own nation? Some people can never give a compliment, no matter how small, likewise some people can never acknowledge any good their nation has accomplished no matter how small.

Well, folks it's time for a dose of reality especially the hypocrites who say they believe in God, but will never for once acknowledge any good He has ever done for them, their families or their nation, yet think He should be an ATM machine perfecting that which they themselves would never lift up their hands to contribute any good towards. We all want perfect families, friends, institutions and nations, but are you willing to get off your fanny and contribute to the bettering of any of these instead of always expecting someone else or govt. to fix the wrongs which human beings like yourself and sometimes even your very own family members (close or extended) have caused out of greed and discontentment?

It is said God enjoys the gratitude and praise of men, well, when last did some of us give thanks for all He has graciously blessed us with? When last did some of us look around to see the disposition of other nations around us and worldwide, to realize that despite our present predicament, which was self-inflicted we are still much better than a whole lot of nations? When we are not besieged with civil wars, natural disasters, major diseases or plagues and catastrophic events, but mostly have roofs above our heads, clothing on our backs and food to eat (even if comes as a handout), should we not be grateful that He at least provides for our basic needs. If good health follows, should we not be grateful considering the disposition of others? Let's not become Oliver Twists that simply want more without having shown gratitude for that which we have already received and have proven not to be the best custodian of.

Do you think those who pray day and night for their nations have nothing better to do or simply cannot pray for only their immediate families? Why then must you seek to pronounce constant negativity instead of praying blessings and a wind of positive change upon your people and your nation? Do not be the object that continuously clogs the wheel, by constantly frustrating the efforts of those actively working and praying towards a better predicament or the hope of those who are encouraged by whatever good news they hear, if you have absolutely nothing positive to add.

I am amused when some people who have been bad ambassadors of their country, committing fraud instead of gaining the education they were sent to acquire, open their mouths and condemn other fraudsters in government. Did you not spring from the same seed? If given the opportunity to be in government, would you not do worse? Well, if you as a leopard cannot and have not changed your skin, please do not try to pretend otherwise and STOP being instruments of destruction with your mouths pens and fingers, especially on electronic media, because you certainly have not earned that right.

Some people even go to the extent of fabricating stories about their home nations so as to gain refugee status in other nations, would you ever be a better ambassador once you gain entry? Britain once expelled her bad elements who took over in the nations they migrated to, thank God nowadays, people have the freedom to leave and do not have to wait to be expelled. Some of us say good riddance. If you have chosen to leave, please don't continue to badmouth the nation you chose to leave, concentrate your efforts on being a contributing factor where you have chosen to migrate to, and give those who have chosen to stay the opportunity to do what they can without being saddled with the extra weight of the artillery from your weapons of mass destruction.

It's ironical when foreigners appreciate what your own country has given or done for them, whereas you take for granted all that is around you simply because of your insatiable desire for more. When they leave they cheerfully sing the praises of your nation, not because they didn't see, notice or maybe even experience te bad therein, but because they took things in perspective rather than for granted and thus valued those things and experiences which you never did.

Well, instead of complaining and simply being a 'moaning and groaning' machine begin to contribute some good and when you feel displeased about something seek to work towards a solution or join others who already are, especially if it's something that bites your fanny and has always spurned you to be disgruntled. If you don't like your nation fix it, there's a purpose why you were born as a citizen of that nation in the first place. Be a nation builder and not just an instrument of destruction with your tongue, pen and fingers which you have perfected as weapons of mass destruction.

I rest my case for now.

30th Nov. '11

© Cxsm 2011    All Rights Reserved
May we be strengthened with the ability, willingness and capabilities to be good ambassadors of Nigeria, contributing to its uplifting, rather than its detriment. - Cxsm
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Joined: 25 May 2007
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:21 am    Post subject: Do Not Use Your Mouth as a Weapon Reply with quote

Do Not Use Your Mouth as a Weapon [Today's Word]

It's easy to see how words can be used as a weapon. We've all either been "cut" by the words of others, or we've used words to put someone "in their place." The truth of the matter is when we use words recklessly or in a way that cuts others, we are not being wise. The scripture tells us that the tongue of the wise brings life and healing to others.

Today, look for ways to be wise. Find something nice to say about someone or share an encouraging word. You never know how you can bring healing to a person's heart by sharing a kind, gracious word. And remember, words are like seeds. When you plant words of life and blessing into others, you're sure to reap a harvest of blessing in your own life in return.

A Prayer for Today

Heavenly Father, today I choose to be wise. I submit my tongue to You and choose to use it for good and not for evil. Show me ways to be a blessing to others. Help me find creative ways to encourage the people You have placed in my life. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

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