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How Selfish Can We Be?

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:11 am    Post subject: How Selfish Can We Be?  Reply with quote

How Selfish Can We Be?

On reading some recent articles and most especially the comments on various articles related in theme on a number of issues currently raising their ugly heads in our nation, I am aghast as to how bigoted and tribalistic some of our people are. Some are even so deluded in grandeur proportions that they acclaim certain accolades to themselves as being a tribal trait. I didn't realize people could harbor so much bitterness and hatred, using the internet rather than as a tool of progress, but as a weapon to seek to destroy and ruin the reputations of other tribes simply to make themselves feel great/ superior/ accepted or whatever else their deluded minds believe they should be, at the expense of the nation. Must some be so vile? Truly shameful!

People are so quick to raise up their defenses by raining abuses and curses and by belittling and denigrating their fellowmen simply because they do not share similar opinions on subject matters. People cursing other tribes and opening and publicly maligning them just because they resent or envy their accomplishments. People claiming what they haven't built up or merited is theirs simply because the finished product is desirable and worthy of accolades. People hurling out all kinds of vile for elders old enough to be their parents and grandparents, simply because they are dead and unable to defend themselves, equally maligning their descendants in crude and unbecoming ways. Why? What point are such people out to prove? How in any way will all these immature acts and tantrums move us forward as a nation? Instead of discussing national policies, so much energy is being expended on anger, bitterness and hate.

People rewriting history with lies, fables and fantasies, simply to gain accolades for events and actions they never worked for nor contributed to. We saw history rewritten by No. Korea after people were publicly massacred as we watched on television, only for the nation to claim it never occurred. Now we are equally watching people rewrite the facts and history of the Biafran war when the man that led it already publicly declared his reasons and the tactics he used to further his ambition in public interviews. We see people trying to covet and claim original ownership of lands that did not belong to them, but in which the original owners and residents have welcomed and hosted them, equally accepting their residency through actions of love and unity? We see people who are unwilling to accommodate others, disrespecting others who have chosen and have always been willing to accommodate them.

People forget that we are intermarried, we have assimilated each others cultures in various ways, we loving eat each others food regardless of from which tribe the dishes originated, we wear each others traditional clothing, understand each others language and even share a common unofficial language to better communicate with and be accepting of people that originally spoke other languages. We've shared educational facilities, transportation, marriages and others events, ideas, experiences, slangs, humour and both peculiar and non-peculiar national traits together. We need to get it together! We need to share national pride not harbor tribal hatred! Our forefathers worked together for the unity and sustenance of our nation, some dying in the quest, so why should and will some of us because of our personal and communal insecurities, esteem and inferior complex permit hatred to arise in us now to a point where we no longer see our fellow brothers as family, but as competitors or enemies, whereas we all live in the same glass house?

Education is not simply about the ability to pass exams and possess a certificate or degree, but about gaining a wealth of knowledge that you can use to 'enhance,' rather than destroy your life and those of others; neither is wealth simply about the accumulation of money, when wisdom, knowledge, tolerance, humanity and other important factors are thrown out the window. No wonder people's intelligence is now being assessed based on their emotional rather than intellect aptitude. Enlightenment is not about having money to travel to a foreign country, but about being able to assimilate the positive and enriching values of different societies and adding/mixing them with those you already posses to make you a better and more accepting person.

Some of us need to take a good look in the mirror get over a war that ended almost 50 yrs ago, shed our egos, stop harboring hatred and simply accept that as long as we are lumped together in the same boat, we all need to paddle in unison to get to our desired destination instead of meandering endlessly, being tossed around and taken advantage of by every foreign nation which realizes that "divide and conquer" is the best weapon that will always enable them to benefit at our expense, regardless of whether it's self-enacted or incited by them.

We need to collectively embrace the positive characteristics we share, using them as a tool to move us forward as a nation. We need to embrace the love that has bound us together forgiving our brothers, irregardless of tribe or tongue so that we can once again enjoy the fruits that love bear. We need to forgive and forget our past and try to learn collectively from them and most importantly we need to get off our high horses and stop delusionally believing that one tribe is better than another. Every tribe in as much as they possess certain traits that are peculiar to them, equally possess an overwhelming number of traits that cannot distinguish them from another citizen of our nation and all have at one time or the other contributed in their own unique ways to the progress of our nation.

The West may be waiting for us to disintegrate as they are always forecasting and predicting every other decade, but must we permit ourselves to be tools to be used for our own destruction, enabling their negative prophecies?

I hope everyone in their quiet moments will think beyond themselves and their tribal ego and indeed think about what is best for our nation. Stop looking though the microscope and start looking at the big picture, then decide what role you are choosing to play in the unity or disintegration of our nation. What legacy do you want to leave for your children? ...And please don't think you're not affected because you've migrated or have dual citizenship. You can never ever run from your origins! One day your offspring will definitely ask you. At least when history is recounted, you will have a clear conscience as to what role you chose to play, what responsibility you are willing to take for your choice and actions and whether you will be glad and proud or later be ashamed and have regrets.

30th Aug. '13

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May we be strengthened with the ability, willingness and capabilities to be good ambassadors of Nigeria, contributing to its uplifting, rather than its detriment. - Cxsm
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Unfortunately, not all who have ears have the ability to hear, nor do all that have brains think deeply.

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