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50 Good Things about Nigeria

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 9:18 am    Post subject: 50 Good Things about Nigeria  Reply with quote

50 Good Things about Nigeria

1] We are God's own chosen people, though most do not realize this. Here are some interesting facts about Nigeria.

2] Our nation has been abundantly blessed in so many ways.

3] We are very accommodating, loving, generous and friendly.

4] We mix freely and easily with others from other tribes, nations and races.
[No wonder the foreigners who visit or have the opportunity to work in Nigeria either want to return and visit or have no desire to leave.]

5] We make life a lot easier for foreigners no wonder the Lebanese, Indians, Japanese, Filipinos, Europeans, Americans and even the Ghanaians before they became problematic and were made to exile, many other African nations, even the Chinese all find it easy to adopt Nigeria as their home.

6] We are not racist and intermarry foreigners hence the growing number of half-castes in Nigeria.

7] No matter your financial status, in most cases you're one up on citizens of most other countries in that we have househelp, washmen, drivers, cooks, maghads (security) and other employees we consider basic necessity, whereas these are considered luxuries in most other countries. [No wonder the foreigners don't want to leave.] E.g. Dan Foster one of the popular radio stations' personalities, returned right after attempts were made to boot him by his previous employer.

8] The human-caused conditions we live through make us very resilient and able to cope no matter where or in what circumstances we find ourselves.

9] We have very good weather and though we complain of some cold during the harmattan and heat when the weather changes, it's nothing compared to the 3-digit heat and humidity in Dubai, California, Arizona, Houston, Tunisia and other Northern African nations, and many other regions worldwide, or freezing temperatures in the U.S., Canada or Europe.

10] The kind of heat we have is healthier because we sweat and our skin pores are not clogged and for those who live close the coast, the breeze from the Atlantic Ocean is a blessing.

11] God has been gracious by not giving us any devastating natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, earth quakes, typhoons, tornadoes, tsunamis, blizzards, hurricanes, major floods, etc.

12] We are blessed with many natural resources such as oil, solid minerals, etc.

13] We are blessed with very fertile land and can grow our foods naturally, with no need to import fresh food and produce, except we so desire.

14] We grow the only yam that has been linked to fertility.

15] We produce and have the highest number of twins worldwide.

16] We are blessed with very hard-working people, old, young, male and female.

17] We are blessed with abundant human resources, we are not underpopulated and nearing extinction, neither are we overpopulated like China or India.

18] We are blessed with very rich cultures.

19] We are blessed with multiple languages in different dialects and and can easily learn languages that are foreign to ours.

20] We are a multi-ethnic nation and co-exist and intermarry from all regions.

21] We are very entrepreneurial, even our youth are exposed to business ideas at tender ages.

22] We are the best dressed Africans and can outdress any foreigner even in their own attires.

23] We are a very confident people though this is sometimes misconstrued for pride.

24] We have very good heritage are generally proud of it.

25] We are very innovative and with the right resources (esp. NEPA) we can reach the stars. Even America was built on the back of some of our ancestors, and many of the inventions that create comfort for us today were made by our African-Americans relatives

26] We are very resourceful and will use whatever we have available to achieve our goals.

27] We are very smart and intelligent people, (though some idle minds created by insufficient and/or outdated infrastructure has made a small percentage of us turn to fools who have honed skills in outsmarting others (mugus) to the detriment of our nations reputation).

28] We perfect whatever we adopt, e.g. food (Jollof rice), clothing (Boubous), etc.

29] We are an investment haven, no wonder telecommunication companies like MTN, Nokia; Oil companies; construction companies like Julius Berger; So. African fast food businesses and many other multi-national companies and organizations which made their wealth and success in Nigeria, have no intention of leaving, while others are seeking ways to enter and gain footing.

30] We are very charitable and give alms generously.

31] We provide refugee camps for foreigners who migrate to Nigeria due to political, economic and other unrest in their nations.

32] We have always provided and continue to provide natural, food and human resources to nations that need them worldwide.

33] We are committed to world peace and seek ways to neutralize situations instead of promoting warfare.

34] We know how to unwind to ease our daily stresses via parties and other events. No wonder we were declared the "Happiest Nation in the World."

35] We throw the best parties and provide all the food, drinks and gifts for free. [No BYOB.]

36] We are a very optimistic nation, despite the few that habour pessimistic views because of their personal experiences and sometimes myopic tendencies. No wonder Nigerians were found to be the "Third Most Optimistic People in the World."

37] Nigerian Immigrants have the Highest Levels of Education worldwide.

38] We are a very talented people and thank God for globalization our previously undiscovered talents are now being exposed and appreciated worldwide. E.g. our musicians who receiving accolades for their talents and are now being sought after by foreign artists for collaborations.

39] We have a lot of artistes in our growing movie industry who have contributed to the explosion and appreciation of Nigerian home movies worldwide, though we still need to work further on some of our story lines and production quality.

40] We have so many skilled labourers who have contributed to our culture and made many of the historical artifacts that were stolen during and after exploitation by our former colonial masters. E.g. the original mask England is still holding ransom, necessitating us to produce a replica during the 1977 Festac event.

41] Nigerians are the "Most Religious in the World," we just need to stop copying the western trends especially "Prosperity Preaching" that has turned some of our pastors into prosperity, rather than soul-seekers.

42] Nigerians are ranked the "Most Sexually Satisfied People" in the world

43] Despite some religious conflicts in the northern regions we are still able to keep it together and coexist despite our religious differences.

44] Despite the hot spots in the Delta area, caused by the people's outcry about how Oil multinationals have exploited the people in the region without any notable contribution to their well-being, Nigeria is still able to keep it together.

45] Nigeria despite her challenges and mistakes has been able to maintain democracy for 10 years.

46] We are one of the nations blessed with royalty to the envy of some others.

47] We have produced a lot of "Firsts" for Africa.

48] Nigeria has produced some of the world's most respected minds and personalities in various fields and businesses. In Entertainment In Science In Sports and other fields

49] Nigeria must be doing somethings right, as God has not given up on her, and since despite her challenges and shortcomings, she is still the source of envy to some nations.

50] We have athletes being trained everyday including the freeway hawkers who outrun cars to sell their merchandise. :) :) :)

Oct. '09

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[Please write your own list (any no.) or add to the existing list. Thanks.]
May we be strengthened with the ability, willingness and capabilities to be good ambassadors of Nigeria, contributing to its uplifting, rather than its detriment. - Cxsm
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nigerians Love Dancing and Can Dance Anywhere.
May we be strengthened with the ability, willingness and capabilities to be good ambassadors of Nigeria, contributing to its uplifting, rather than its detriment. - Cxsm
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 14, 2016 9:51 am    Post subject: Re: Reply with quote

All fifty  good things about Nigeria are truly believable, thanks a lot for sharing!  Dear friends, improve your writing creativity by viewing a post accessible at! It's easy!

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