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Woman Made to Walk City (Half) Naked for Alleged Adultery

Woman Made to Walk City (Half) Naked for Alleged Adultery

For allegedly? (hmm! she confessed to affairs with 6 men) committing adultery which led to her husband's sickness, a woman was compelled to walk the streets of Ubulu-Uku, in Delta State, naked.

Gladys Keshi was made to undergo what many would consider a brutal and barbaric act to save her husband from premature death. Simeon Keshi, Gladys' husband had been struck by a mysterious ailment since late last year, and when it was suspected that it could be due to the woman's alleged extra-marital affairs, people in the community compelled her to walk naked, to save the man. It, however, turned out too late as Keshi died before the rite was concluded.

In Ubulu-Uku, a quiet community in Aniocha South Local Government of Delta State, a woman proven to have committed adultery must walk the town naked to save herself, her husband, and the entire community from unpleasant consequences.

Simeon Keshi had reportedly suffered a swollen tummy since late last year, and discreet investigations linked it to the alleged adulterous practices of the wife, which included sleeping with other men on her matrimonial bed. Confronted by senior members of the family, Gladys reportedly denied the allegations, but later allegedly confessed to the Umuada, the village women council.

She was said to have confessed that six men slept with her, apart from her husband, and that two actually did the 'thing' right on her husband's bed. The embattled woman, however, pleaded that she be allowed to wear her pant in the mandatory naked walk, and the concession was granted, since she hailed from Agbor, and not from Ubulu-Uku. She was eventually paraded round the streets with members of Umuada (first daughters) leading her with songs, and clapping. The children also followed closely behind.

Mama Besi, head of the Umuada, told The Sun that there was nothing wrong with what the woman was made to go through, as the rite was as old as the community. She berated young people for endangering their lives by keeping quiet even when they suspect their wives of unfaithfulness. Pa Paul Okoro-Oji, a community leader also lamented the rate of adultery among the youths, saying it was a terrible killer. The naked walk could, however, not save Keshi who died before the rites were concluded.

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Re: Woman Made to Walk City (Half) Naked for Alleged Adultery

So what punishment awaits the adulterous men and the cheating boyfriends? Are they also exempt, just like men under the Sharia system are excused by frivolous excuses?

30th Aug. '03

Re: Woman Made to Walk City (Half) Naked for Alleged Adultery

Is it possible this man has severe liver or kidney problems that has led to excessive fluid retention, therefore causing an overload and eventually death. So while his wife was walking the street half naked, did anyone think of taking him to the hospital to get an ultrasound done of this internal organs to make sure his urethra was not severed from the bladder.

I hope her body is fine like those vogue or playboy girls. This is definitely a joke in the year 2003. I am surprised they did not have her eating owl feathers, because she is a witch.

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