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U.S. Inequality Keeps Getting Uglier
Tunisians Get Jail Terms for Eating During Ramadan
Father Accused of Streaming Rape of 2-year-old Daughter Live
9 Kids Found Living Alone in Chicago Home With No Food, Heat
Drive a Car — Waive Your Constitutional Rights in U.S.
Nepal Earthquake Child Survivors Sold as Slaves to British
'Forced Labor' Used at World Cup Stadium in Qatar
10,000 Refugees are Stranded in Squalor in Hell, Greece
CIA Took Photographs of Naked Detainees
Dying Immigrants Buried in Mass Graves in UK
GOP Official's Fake Threats May Have Caused Man 18 yrs in Pr
Chinese Executions Exposed by Rare Photos
500,000 Kenyan Women Sterilized
Forced Organ Harvesting in China
When Illegally Harassed for Debt You Have Options
Italy's Shocking Underground Trade in Female Sex Slaves
Child Prostitution - South Africa's young street walkers
When Did You Realize You Were "Other?"
For Britain's Poorest, Food Aid Becomes a Way of Life
Saudi Princesses Locked Up for 15 years
Princely Trafficking (Saudi Drug Smuggling)
Saudi Prince Sentenced to Life for Murder of Servant
Dubai's Night Secrets: Prostitution & Sex Trafficking in
ABC Reportedly Paid Darren Wilson Six-Figure Fee 4 Interview
11 Stupid Reasons White People Have Rioted
Mother Jailed for Leukaemia & Disney Trip $25,000 Scam
Elizabeth Smart: Cop Found Me But "Walked
59 Million Americans Lack Health Care
Toxic Plume Spreads In Calif. Town's Water Supply
Man Arrested after Hidden Cameras Found in Gym Tanning Rooms
90-year-old Florida Man Charged for Feeding Homeless People
Philadelphia Police Release Footage of Abduction
Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime
How Orlando Julius Got Robbed of His Music
Top 10 Countries Killing the Planet
India Court Frees Three Accused in Hanged Girls Case
77% of Teenage Indian Girls Endure Sexual Violence: UN
Atlanta Murders of 1979–81
Blatant Fraud While Pointing Fingers at Other Nations
Mom Accused of Watching Boyfriend Kill Baby & Helping Bu
6 Brothers Charged w Sexual Assault of Sister While Parents
Raju, Elephant Cries After Rescue Following 50 Yrs Abuse
The Russian Child Mafia on a Crime and Murder Spree
The Ugandan Witchdoctors Still Making Child Sacrifices
The Sick Men Travelling to Brazil for Sex With Children
Would You Still Buy That Dress After Watching This?
Barranquilla - Colombia
Dhaka - Bangladesh
Overcrowded Trains Worldwide
2 Bodies Found in Suitcases Along Wisconsin Rural Road
Anti-Homeless Spikes In London Draw Condemnation
D-Day Veteran, 92, Has Military Medals Stolen On 70th Anniv.
Cops, Rabbi Among 70 Accused in Child Porn Investigation
Welcome to 'Spin to Win' Justice
Mother Finds 14 yr old Daughter's Sex Partner in Closet
CIA: No More Vaccination Campaigns in Spy Operations
FBI: Hundreds Have Contacted Us About Pedophile Case
Not All Charities are Transparent
Female Teacher Accused of Raping Girl, 17
Turkish Parliament Passes Controversial Law to Further Empow
Huge Rat Has Folks Going Crazy on New York Train
Homeless Women are Susceptible to Sexual Assaults
TN Wants To Take Their System Of Justice Back To The Middle
Toxic Water Scandal Hits Italian Region
Japanese Man Granted Retrial After 46 years on Death Row
Policeman Driving 81 mph in a 40 mph Zone Killed Civillian
Crimes Against Women
Wisconsin Man Drugged, Sexually Assaulted & Photographed
As US States Liberalize Pot Laws, Netherlands Reverses Cours
In Ciudad Juarez, the Main Sport Is Raping and Killing Girls
Japanese Sexuality: The Rise of Pornography
Is Japan's Criminal Justice System V. Efficient or Deeply Fl
Dubai Workers [Maltreated & Abused]
Muslim Syrian Extremists Cut Off Man's Hand as Punishment
Kenyan Arsenal Fan Killed Liverpool Supporter During Game
Why We Don’t Return Home [Caribbean]
Beijing’s Bad Air Would Be Step Up for Smoggy Delhi
Kangaroo Court Orders Indian Woman to Be Gang-Raped by 13 Me
Alabama Prison Was House of Horrors for Female Inmates
Teen Who Testified Against Opel Sentenced to 50 years
Guilty Until Proven Rich
Inmates Get Raped in Dubai & Other Jails
Financial Incentives Might Influence Your Doctors Prescripti
Former Nazi Skinhead: Why I Hated Black People
Parents Killing or Trying to Murder Their Own/Other Children
Shopping Can Get You Assaulted or Even Killed
Businesses Exploiting Workers
Missing Family's Bodies Found in Shallow Graves
Virtual Kidnapping Ring Targeting Immigrants Broken Up In Sa
Nigerians in India Angry Over Goa Murder
Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan
Slavery is Still On-going in Certain Countries
Fox News 'Bad for America' - Ted Koppel
Implant RFID Chip in Students Without Parental Consent
5yr-Old Boy Dies after Mom, BF Allegedly Torture Him to Deat
Miriam Carey, Capitol Suspect, Suffered Post-Partum Depressi
Madagascar Crowd Burn Alive Two Europeans Over 'Organ Traffi
Peadophiles on the Loose
Scorned Spouses/Lovers Killing their Exes and/or New Lovers
Crime is Sometimes a Family Affair
Brazil - Ranks 1st Place for Natural Forest Loss
USA - Ranks 1st for CO2 Emissions, 2nd for Water Pollution +
China - Rank 1st Place for Water Pollution & Marine Capt
Indonesia - 2nd in Natural Forest Loss & 7th for Water P
Japan Ranks 4th for Marine Capture
Mexico Ranks 1st for Threatened Species
India Ranks 3rd for Water Pollution [Worldwide]
Less than 50% of Russians have Access to Safe Drinking Water
Your Cells Can Be Used & Distributed w/o Consent
Some Authorities Selectively Do Their Jobs
Help May Not Always Be Available at Critical Moments
It's Hard To Make Sense Of This Verdict - Zimmerman
Is There Room for Truth in the Justice System?
Cities and States (are) often "Mean" Places for Ho
Homelessness - An American reality
Jobs Aren't Guaranteed Even in a 'Credit' Economy
College Crisis Among Black Males (in America)
Poverty on the Rise, Income on the Decline
Realities of Being a Single Black Woman in America
Fast Facts about Blacks in America
Some Statistics on Black Americans Residing in America
Abuse of Foreign Workers
Those You Pay To 'Protect' You Can Easily 'Defraud' You
Notable Shootings at Shopping Malls Worldwide
[U.S.A.] It's a 50-50 Nation, Give or Take
Jimmy Savile Abuse Claims: BBC Pledges 'Examination'
Mark Bridger Charged with Murder of 5yr-old April Jones
Italy Smashes Transsexual Prostitution Ring
Some People Just Don't Have the "Smart" Gene
Executions, Organ Harvesting and the Death Penalty in China
Texas Executes its 1st Inmate Using Single Drug
KFC to Pay $8.3M to Girl Left Brain Damaged After Meal
7 year-old Sacrificed to the Gods for Good Harvest in India
Chinese Officials Beat 7-Month Pregnant Woman; Abort Baby
Never Jaywalk in Johannesburg!!!
Being Accused, Persecuted or Framed Unjustly
Revisiting the Wounds: Koreatown 20 years After the L.A. Rio
Hundreds Remain Jailed After Occupy LA Raid
Police Seek ID of Body Found in Maine Storage Unit
Troy Davis Issues Parting Cry Before Execution
Tea Party Debate Audience Cheers Letting Uninsured Die
Ind. Boy Acquitted of Murdering 6-year-Old Brother
[US] Actor Sentenced to Life in Prison for Gang Rape
Power Outtages Do Occur Worldwide
One Dead, 9 Sick from Fumes at McDonald's in Georgia
Hospital Mishaps & Medical Malpractices Can Happen Anywh
French Woman in Malaysia 'Killed for Refusing Sex'
'SlutWalk' Comes to S.Africa, Where Rape is Crisis
Mark Duggan Death: IPCC says it Inadvertently Misled Media
Florida Fugitive Siblings Caught in Colorado
Computer Errors Allow Violent CA Prisoners to be Released Un
Lara Logan Breaks Silence 'They Raped Me with Their Hands'
Woman Sexually Assaulted in Santa Monica
Suspects who Used Dead People's Credit Cards
Law Grad Hiring Reaches Lowest Levels Since 1996
Court Rules Poor VA Mental-Health Care for Vets Is Unconstit
Domestic Violence Victim Sent To Jail For Lying For Her Abus
Man Convicted For Raping, Sodomizing 2 Women He Met Online
Mexican Businessman Convicted of Child Pornography
Pregnant Barmaid & Mother Murdered at Home
Overturned convictions in the United States
'Innocence Project' Professor Pulled from Class
Disney Worker Charged with Sex Assault on Guest
Pennsylvania Woman Accused of Poisoning Son's Girlfriend
Serial Sex Abuser Claude Edward Foulk Gets 248 Years
Teenager was Raped and Killed by her Brother-in-Law
NY Man Brutally Raped & Murdered 12-year-old Niece
I was Arrested for Stealing My Own Car, Says Bronx Man who i
LA Chief Apologizes for Dragnet in Shooting Hoax
Mexico Outraged by Killing of Anti-Crime Crusader
The Use & Sale of Drugs is a Very Real Problem in the US
Hit & Run Drivers Increasingly Destroying People's Lives
DNA Test Casts Doubt on Executed Texas Man's Guilt
'Rogue' U.S. Navy SEAL Accused of Smuggling Guns from Iraq
Former FBI Man Implicated in CIA Abuse
[US] Online Prostitution is Alive and Well
Drugs and Related Crimes are a Major Problem
Man whose Conviction was Overturned Still Fighting
[US] Gold Thefts Prompt Police to Monitor Sellers
Australian, 90, Accused of Raping 4 Thai Sisters
Australian to be Tried over 10 Deaths in Wildfire
Australia PM Doubtful on 'Asia-Pacific Community'
Pentagon Allows Banned Reporter to Return to Guantanamo
Water Shortage Problems in the U.S.
Virginia Governor Apologizes for Slavery 'Omission'
Minorities Falsely Accused & Finally Exonerated By DNA T
Recession Sends Older Americans to Food Pantries
7,000 Unemployed Americans Lose Their Lifeline Everyday
Nebraska Parents Abandon Kids Before Law Changes
Homecoming Veterans Often Face Inner Challenge
Travails of Nigerian Businessman in U.S.
Sick Economy has Patients Skimping on Medicine
Deceiving Consumers
Australian Ire After Rejected Refugee Dies in Gaza
Death of Boubacar Bah in Immigration Detention
A Top Cop Went Undercover to Catch One of His Own
Texas Executes 2nd Immigrant in 48 Hours
Hospital Cutbacks Leave Pregnant Women, Rape Victims in Cris
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