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I Do Not Know that Having Sex with a Dog is Illegal
14yr old Rape Victim Cuts off the Rapist's P*nis
Trump is Great Friends with Dead Luciano Pavarotti
Man Bursting Out Of His Pants Arrested For Cocaine Smuggling
Ohio Woman Charged with Raping, Robbing Male Taxi Driver
Trump Bans Foreign Tourists He Invited to the White House
Notorious Hoarder Takes Over a Mother's Home
Octopus Removed From 2-Year-Old Kansas Boy's Throat
US Teen Survives 3rd Terror Attack: Bston, Paris & Bruss
Trump U. Suit: Donald Can’t Identify His ‘Hand-Picked’ Staff
Lost Wallet Returned w/ Note Criticizing Owner's Spending Ha
Tenant Sneaks V. Important Clause into His Landlord's Lease
Arrest after Sexual Attack on Dog Results in Death
The Gulabi Gang
27 yr-old Man to Wed 70 yr-old ‘Pregnant’ Woman
Armed Robbers Rape Seven Women During Deliverance Vigil
Annoying Tourist Learns Not to Touch the Queen's Guard
Congressman Busted On Cocaine Charge, Voted For Drug Testing
Man Goes into Police Station to Complain about WEATHER
Chinese Father Arrested 4 Buying an Selling Woman
Man Kills Self After Lifetime Free Buffet Pass Revoked
Florida Bobcat Snatches Shark Out of the Ocean Like Nothing
The Saudi Princess & Unpaid $Multi-Million Shopping Spre
Angry Bride Marries Guest After Groom Has Seizure
Groom Tried To Kill Himself After Saw Bride For 1st Time
Woman Caught Having Sex on Virgin Flight
'Rapist' Baboons, Monkeys Target Kenyan Women
Woman Humiliates Cheating Husband & Twin Sister
Saudi Arabia Holds All Male 'Women’s Rights' Conference
Woman Files for Divorce Because Her Husband's P*nis is 'Too
Prostitutes Who Kept U.S. Military Happy Sue Korean Gov.
Wife Finds Missing Husband of 9 Yrs Married: Now Has 2 Wives
British Woman Dies in Bangkok over Buttocks Enhancement
Sean Rigg, 'Custody Death' Officer Wants to Be a Priest
Businessman Dies After Being Raped By His Five Wives
Judge Censured For Sex In Chambers With Law Students In CA
'Dating Naked' Contestant Sues for $10 Million
Police Arrest & Mocks a Boy who Dressed as a Girl in Uga
Thieves Rob Hawthorne Shop of $20K in Hair Extensions
Runaway Boy Secretly Lived In Walmart Store
Austin Hospital Mistakenly Tells Doctors 200 Patients Died
Mother of 5 Dies Following Brazilian b*tt Lift Surgery
Brazillian Woman Learns She Married Her Brother
LAPD’s Ridiculous Answer to Auto Theft Leaves Us Speechless
Yankees Fan Caught Sleeping on TV Sues ESPN, MLB for $10m
Husband Seeks Divorce Over Wife’s Obsession with Parties
Cancel Your Credit Card Before You Die
Jeremy Meeks' Mugshot Goes Viral after Police Post on FB
Regular Lady Gets Awesome Funeral
Tale About Flying Bird Turns Old Woman In Lagos
Fmr VA Boss Demoted & Harassed 4 Exposing Lazy Co-Worker
Murder Trial is Stopped - Judge Spots Court Staff Having Sex
Naked Man High on Drugs Attacks 2 Women
Wu-Tang Affiliated Rapper Explains Why He Cut Off Private Pa
87-Year-Old Nigerian Man With 86 Wives
Man Wants 'Murder' Tattoo Removed from Neck Before Trial
Missing Boy Existed Only on Facebook
Dog Fingered as Culprit After Six Months of Tire Slashings
'Homeless' Man Evicted from Manhattan Bridge by NYPD
Artist De Keijzer Was Lonely, So She Knit Herself a Boyfrien
11 Rappers Spotted Wearing Dresses [GALLERY]
Zimbabwe Women Accused of Raping Men 'for Rituals'
North Korea: Students Required to Get Kim Jong-un Haircut
Discriminating Leader Dying, Relatives Ask People to Not Pro
Police Shut Down Busy Highway 2 Search 4 Man’s Missing Penis
Woman Sentenced 7yrs in Prison 4 Chopping Off Her Rapist Pen
Man Surrenders to Police after Finding Himself on 'Most Want
Men Arrested for Sexually Abusing Cows
NYC Jail Guard's Claim She Had Sex with Inmates, Co-Workers
Grown Man or Baby? with Dr. Phil
HIV-Positive Mom Convicted Of Having Sex With Friend’s Child
Man Kills 78 year Old Woman After Stealing Fowl
Policeman Rapes Married Woman
Man Rapes Paralysed Granny on Wheelchairs
Doctors Take A Long Shot And Inject HIV Into Dying Girl. The
Inmate who Raped Fellow Convict has Jail Term Reduced
Malaysian Woman Beats the Man Who Tried to Rob Her
White Supremacist Learns He Is 14 Percent Black
Family Returns Home to Find Intruder has Taken Over
Grandmother of Nine Becomes a Great-Grandma at the Age of 28
Bizarre Mind Control Caught on Camera?
Whales & Sharks Found on Beaches
Graduate Teacher Who Cannot Read in Edo State
Ghosts Haunting Man, Catches Girlfriend Sexing Son on Camera
Maryland Teacher Busted Having Sex with Family Dog
Lisa Traylor-Wolff: Indiana Judge Accused of Sex with Inmate
5-Month-Old Smothered So Parents Could Have Sex
Shooting Suspect’s Wife Accused Preacher of Rape
KKK Rally in Pennsylvania Becomes Casualty of Government Shu
Underwear Bandit Pilfers Panties from New York Apartment Bld
Underwear-Stealing Real Estate Agent Busted
Ex-LAX TSA Screener Ordered Held as Flight Risk
Foreclosure Nightmare: Family's Home Sold, But it Wasn't for
British Bus-Driver Urinating In His Bus Caught On Camera
Officer Charged with DUI after Hit-and-Run Crash
Catholic Priest Dies from Own Gun
Racist Scientist James Watson has Black DNA
92yr-old Woman Pregnant for 60 years Since 1948 Stuns Docs
Hacker Found Dead Before Showing How to Kill Pacemaker Patie
News Reporter Draws P*nis (Video)
Lazy Garbage Men Caught On Tape
$122,000 Bentley Wrecked in Car Wash Crash
Cow Falls Through Roof And Kills Man While Sleeping
Two British Men Arrested in New York 'Cannibal Cop' Case
Strangers Band Together to Save 91-Year-Old From Being Evict
Pastor, Wife Talk Dirty As Court Dissolves Marriage
6 Dumb Criminals With Worse Luck Than You
9 Dumb Criminals Who Left Major Crime-Scene Evidence Behind
Woman Crashes Scooter Five Times!
Husband Dies After Rape By 6 Wives
Retired Priest, 80, Bites 81-Year-Old Fellow Clergyman's Ear
Ghanaian Prophetess Possessed In Court
The Man who Sued his Wife for Birthing an Ugly Baby
Philadelphia Wedding Brawl: 1 Dead, 3 Arrested in Wild Melee
Man's Penis Stolen In His Sleep
Husband Sets Court Ablaze for Dissolving His Marriage in Kat
Miami Cannibal and His Blood-Soaked Victim
Mother Drives With 5-Week-Old on Top of Car
Student Cheats, Gets Caught -- and His Father Sues. What Giv
600-pound-Man Needing Medical Attention is Cut from his Home
Court Remands Man in Prison Over Missing Manhood
Casting Asst. is Registered Sex Offender
Nurse Charged Over Fatal Sydney Nursing Home Fire
Pair in Hospital After Kismot 'Killer' Curry Contest
Man Wins Dumpling Eating Contest, Then Dies
$16 Muffins, $8 Coffee served in [U.S] Justice Audit
Georgia Man Gets Prison Time for Fondling Woman on Plane
Woman Bit by Rat in Rare Attack While Waiting for Train at M
Dallas Mom Glued Daughter's Hands to Wall
Dutch Woman Calls Ex-Boyfriend 65,000 Times
Rare Birds Found Taped to Passenger's Body at LAX
Porn Filmmaking Shut Down After Performer Tests HIV Positive
A Cell Phone... In Your Shirt?
Eating Your Own Placenta: A Ridiculous Fad?
Vernita Lee, Oprah Winfrey's Mom, Sued Over Unpaid $156K Sto
Two New York Men Nearly Drown -- in an Elevator
Doctor Convicted on 21 Counts of Sexual Assault on Female Pa
Father Sues City, County after Mom Drives Kids to Death
INCEST: Lekki Farmer Shocks Judge
Utah Woman Offers Organ Donation, Then Shoots Self
Woman Arrested for Groping TSA Agent at Phoenix Airport
CA Prison Doctor Gets Paid for Doing Little or Nothing
Man Used Spyware to Photograph Naked Women,
Chris Hansen of 'To Catch a Predator' Caught on Hidden Camer
Woman Allegedly Holds Boyfriend Hostage, Tortures Him over S
Oklahoma Mom Kills 10-Day Old Baby Girl In Washing Machine
Boy, 3, Found Dead in Oven; Mom Charged
Wife Cuts Off Husband’s Penis, Tosses it in Garbage Disposal
A $100 Million ATM Receipt
Thai "Ladyboy" Pictures Confuse Election Officials
Met Police Officer Sacked Over Relationship with 14 Year Old
Bride Attends NNPC’s Aptitude Test In Wedding Gown
Thailand Seeks to Ban Tourists' Buddha Tattoos
Seismologists Tried for Manslaughter for Not Predicting Quak
Religious Leaders Weigh In on Judgment-Day Frenzy
Woman Talks on Cell for 16 Hours in Quiet Car, Gets Booted
British Woman Beheaded in Attack in Canaries
Australian Dies After 'Planking' on Balcony, Police Say
German Wins World Best Beard Title at Norway Contest
Woman Marries Husband Of Woman who Stole Her Husband
Nigeria Artist Dies After Buttock Surgery in the US!
Ibru’s Daughter Jailed For Stalking Rio Ferdinand
2 On Duty Traffic Officers Accused Of Appearing In Porn Vide
RadioShack Stores in Montana, Idaho Offer Free Guns
Man Allegedly Blows Over $287k on Prostitutes
Man Gets Probation for Underage Sex
Obese Ohio Man Found Fused to Chair
Feds Seek $7M in Privately Made 'Liberty Dollars'
Man, 19, Fakes Disability on Wheelchair To Smuggle Pot
A Government ‘Improvement’ Makes Things Exponentially Worse
A Revisit to America's Most Hated Family
Philippines Catches Fake Nuns Going to Lebanon
Pakistani Girl 'Electrocuted' in Honour Killing
Drunk Brit. Student Who Stripped Naked in Rome Square Attack
Woman Sues UAE 5-Star Hotel After She was Raped Then JAILED
Southwestern Ohio Man gets $16 million Cable Bill
U.S. Millionaires say $7 Million Not Enough to Be Rich
Pilots Lock Down Cockpit Over Praying Passengers
Lady Gaga Eyes Legal Action Over Breast Milk Ice Cream
Priest in Conan O'Brien Case Arrested Again
Gurnee Woman Attacked Cop with Sex Toy
Drunk Woman who Held Son, 12, on Her Lap and Let Him Drive
Sleep-Deprived Woman Calls Police to Arrest Snoring Husband
Penis-Shaped Bush Creator Warned in UK
South African Famed Smoking Chimp Dies
Woman Mistakenly Uses Glue Instead of Eye Drops
Va. Inmate 1st Woman in 5 Years Executed in US
Filipino Says She Left Newborn on Plane
JetBlue Flight Attendant Arrested After NYC Ruckus
French Woman Admits to Suffocating Her 8 Newborns
'Barefoot Bandit' Nabbed After 2 years as Fugitive
Boy Allegedly Pours Boiling Water Down Girl's Back
Death of 'Caveman' Ends an Era in Idaho
S. Korean Woman Passes Driver's Exam on 950th Try
Cow Derails Popular Train in Australian Outback
Leech Leads Australian Police to Armed Robber
Man Pleads Guilty to DWI in Motorized La-Z-Boy
Prostitute Cuts Off Lover's Manhood with a Razor Blade
Newlyweds Robbed Chapel After Wedding
Wisconsin Woman Strips to Avoid Arrest
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