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4 Parachutes
The Children's Bible in a Nutshell
Message from The Queen
The Little Old Lady
Sister Mary
The Prisoner & The Prisoner
Father of One of My Kids..
A Woman's Week at the Gym
The psychiatrist and the Proctologist
The #2 Pencil
Footsie at the Doctor's Office
Psychiatrist vs. Bartender
Last Wish of a Pope!
Here's a Solution.................
The Morality of Dishonesty
35 Hilarious Nigerian Church Posters You Have To See To Beli
Lunch By a Nun
20 Jokes So Terrible They're Actually Funny
Vegetable Soup
Laughing with Mary
Just for Laughs Gags 2014 Epic Collection
Different Grades of Choppin' in Government
Banking 101
Just for Laughs Pranks
100 Funny Jokes By 100 Comedians
What Happened When the Daily Mail Asked this About Sandwiche
Capitalism Explained
Nigerian Superstars as Diseases
Difference Between The US And UK Ebola News Coverage
A Fun And Unforgettable First Sonogram Experience
From Those That Travelled!!!
Divorce Vs. Murder
9 Funny Photos Re: Ebola That Will Make U Laugh Till U Cry
If You Love Me...
Jenson Zhu
Men Will Never Learn
New Office Policy - Effective Immediately
Success is Just Like Being Pregnant
Are You a Perfume Lover?
My Resimay
Church Feud
Jehovah Witness
Best Classroom April Fools Prank Ever
Coffe Shop Scene from'Carrie' Viral Video
Andi Osho Live at The Apollo
Omid Djalili Live at The Apollo
Funny Airplane Landing on Highway
Fart Gymnasty
Lie Detector
Ghana Must Go
Girl at the Beach
The Silent Treatment
Who Does What
Women's Revenge
Wife vs. Husband
Cigarettes and Tampons
Woman's Perfect Breakfast
Funny Wedding Photos
Reporter Fails Compilation Funny News Bloopers
Temporary Boyfriend Invoice
Awesome Worship Advice from a Hilarious Comedian
Why Dogs Fail as Home Security Systems
The Pilot and the Priest
Atheist's Day in Court
How Do You Resolve This?
Test Answers That are 100% Wrong But Totally Genius at The
Thank You So Very, Very Much
The Richard Pryor Show - Episodes
The Church Of What's Happening Now
The Will
Retards on Vacation
Farmer Joe
Sipping Vodka
Koboko [Whip] Night
2 Storey Out House aka Toilet aka Shalanga
Mona Lisa AFTER 1 Week in the U.S.A.
The Lawn Mower Did It
Car Repair List
Global Warming
Hard at Work or Hardly Working?
Avoid Swine Flu
Need a Lift?
Fire, Power and Thunda Int'l Efangelist Mynistery
Am I Still a Virgin?
Queen of the Blondes
Michael Angelo Visits the U.S.
Wedding Present
Mensa Invitational
What a Retired Husband Does
My Favorite Animal
I Knew It
White Couple Black Baby
Challenging Ussain Bolt
Council housing Complaints from Around the Country [U.K.]
Priest and Hair Dryer
Walmart Has Everything
Surgery for Dummies
You Know You're from Southern California When....
The Minster's Sermon
Men's Opinions about Wives
Best Divorce Letter Ever
New Rules of Air travel for People of Nigerian Origin in the
Sharing Peanuts
Bob and the Blonde
As Women Grow Older
Husbands are Husbands
The Hymnal
We Want to Get Married
Hanged to Dry
Matrimonial K-Leg in Bauchi
The Colbert Reports
10 Husbands, Still a Virgin
If Tiger Woods had Married a Nigerian
Your Duck is Dead
Car Keys
U'd Speak German by Force
Michael Angelo's David After 2 yrs in the U.S.
Akpos Medical Entrance Exam
Rickey Smiley - Church Annoucements
People of Walmart
How to Shout in a Black Church
Ugly Baby
Nursery Boy
Patience Jonathan's top 12 quotes
When I Say I'm Broke - I'm Broke!
In-flight Conversation
Church Meeting
Pricey Scents
Shopping Spree
Living Will
Golf Course Moment of Silence
Farting to the Beat
Naija Cartoons
Yoruba Names
Happy Married Couple
Mind Your Own business
Flight Trouble
A Jew & Arab in Business...
When Grandma Goes To Court
Christmas Carols for Those with Mental Health Conditions
Kids in Church
The Winning Horses
Chinese Baby????
Bruce & Jenny
Marriage Software
The Sexy Getup
How to Start a Fight
Heaven and Hell
I Love this Doctor
Jokes for Laughs
Love in a Mental Hospital
Naija in Heaven!!!
Back from Church
Bros I Fit Get Some Koins?
Viagra and Old People
Who did You Say was Your Baby-Daddy?
Drunkest Guy Ever Goes for More Beer
Driving Force
Big BIG Grammar
Children in Church
Lunchroom Call
Thoughts About Men
Bill Gates Interview
Men's Twisted Brains
Russian Furniture Store Invasion
Food Court Musical
Fart in Public (Farting in Library) by Nalts
No Pants Subway Ride 2009
Having Mum to Dinner
My 1-Day Employment
Daddy's Car in the Woods?
Who Owns the Cash?
Newfie Duck Hunter
Toilet Prank
God vs Harley Davidson
Good Non-Partisan Political Joke
Cake or Bed
The O Twins
Why Am I Married?
Middle Wife
Water Bill - [Read this & watch the video]
Not So Smart Attorneys
Billls! Bills! Bills!
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