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Immigration & Visa
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Nigeria Set to Close Five Foreign Missions
U.S. H-1B Visa Curb Could Benefit These Countries
Nigeria Advises Citizens Against Traveling to U.S. ‘Until Im
Facebook Chatbot is Helping Refugees Claim Asylum
Justice Department Explains Trump's Latest Travel Ban
Families Separated By Coercive Immigration Practices May Be
What to Do If You Think You're on a No-Fly List
Nigerians Can No Longer Be Deported from UK
What to Do if Questioned by [U.S.] Law Enforcement
New Visa Requirements for U.S. Citizens traveling to Venezue
Obama Stops Deportation of Nearly 5m Illegal Immigrants
43 Countries U Enter Without Visa. Just Ur Nigerian Passport
New Border Controls Could Penalise Britons w/ Dual Nationali
Where is the Cheapest Place to Buy Citizenship?
How Welcome are Africans in the UK?
Hajj Requirements: Visas for 1432 Hajj
Travel Requirements for Entry & Exit into Saudi Arabia
Egypt to Stop Issuing Visas on Arrival
Apply for Visa One Year Before Travel, Says U.S. Embassy
Judge Blocks Parts of Ga. Immigration Law
Transit Visa Waivers For Lufthansa Customers
New Passport Fees Imposed by U.S. State Department
Visa Page Requirement to South Africa
Court Challenge Possible on Immigration Law
US-VISIT Program Travel Document Requirements
Non-US Citizens will Need Advance Permission to Gain Entry
KLM Cancels Transit Visa for Nigerians
Machine Readable Passport Remains Valid Till July 2008
Embassy & Other Links
Effect of Changes in Immigration Law on Diaspora & Niger
Getting Free Citizen's Advice in the UK
UK Citizen's Advice For Asylum Candidates
Basic Rights Of All Peoples Under U.S. Jurisdiction
Check the Rules Before Travelling!
New Rules for UK Immigrants
Rule HC 321 - Overstaying Migrants Face 10 yr Ban
UBA Partners NTC on Dubai Visa Processing
Is Your Nigerian Passport Valid?
New British Visa Rule Requires Finger Prints, Photo
Relief for Undocumented Aliens: Parole
Big Welfare Cuts IF You're Not British
US Embassy Announces New Service Fees
Applying for a Visa to the U.S: Things to Keep in Mind
Passport Requirement Temporarily Lifted
Why Students Are Denied British Visa
H-1 Visas Employer Sponsored Green Cards
Visa Bondage
The Immigrant Questions
Immigration Links
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