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Testimonies & Miracles
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Miracle Water gushes out of aTree in FUTO Owerri
Blessings, Glorifying Moments & Experiences Waiting 2 Ha
Joe Maye's Shining Moments
Adopted Woman Discovers Birth Mom is Coworker
Woman Delivers Baby from Womb Donated by Her Mother
Son Finds Birth Mom - She Works with Him!
2 Sisters Raised Separately for 17yrs Discover They're Sibli
Boys Meet as Friends, Discover They are Brothers
People Hearing For The First Time
The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes
Blind People Seeing for the First Time
The Day I Became Born Again was My Happiest Day – Ayuba
FB Photo Helps Mother & Son Reunite, 15yrs After He Was
Moment Mad Man Regained Sanity at Ketu Bus Stop
5-yr-old Thought to Be Brain Dead Overcomes Incredible Odds
65yr old German Woman Expecting Quadruplets Defends Pregnanc
'Dead' Baby Awakes at Funeral Parlour Before Cremation
Keji Hamilton: The Drugs, The Violence, The Reformation
Miracle of the Hudson Plane Crash
Driver Jumps Clear as Truck Falls from Cliff in Norway
Bike Rider Survives Lorry Crash after Riding Thru Red Light
Chinese Bus Driver Survives after Being Hit by Lamp Post
Cyclist Survives Being Hit by Lorry in China
Syrian Toddler Pulled Alive from Rubble after Aleppo Bombing
Siblings Abandoned Separately at Birth Reunited 30 yrs Later
Woman & AnonymousSperm Donor Fall in Love
Surviving Ebola - Testimony by Dr Ada Igonoh
Man Thought to Have Died From Ebola Awakes
‘Miracle’ Mum-to-Be in Sierra Leone Tells of Ebola Recovery
Ebola Survivor: 'I was Terribly Afraid'
Meet 7-yr-old Boy & Others Who Have Survived Ebola
This 46-Year-Old Woman's Baby Set a [U.S.] Record
Miracle Baby Survives Miscarriage of Twin, Abortion Pills
60yr Old Chinese Woman Bears Twins after Losing Only Child
60-year Old Nigerian Woman Gives Birth Through IVF
Legally Blind Football Player Earns Spot at Tulane
Why I Left Islam - Mohammed
Iranian Killer's Execution Halted at Last Minute by Victim's
Footballer’s Life Dramatically Saved By Opposing Player
Woman Orders Robber Out in the Name of Jesus
Everyone Here Is Extremely Lucky to Be Alive
Photographer's Miracle Encounter with a Deadly Predator
Mississippi Man Declared Dead Wakes Up in Body Bag
God's Greater Plan 4 Woman who Searched 68yrs 4 MIA Husband
Abandoned Child Now Undergraduate
How Did He Survive?
Man Survives 2 Days in Air Bubble Under Capsized Boat
Emir of Kano's Grandson Paul Ado Bayero Converts to Christin
White Couple who Gave Birth to a Black Baby
Black Couples who Gave Birth to Caucasian Babies
They Wanted to Use it to Ruin My Destiny, But God Turned it
60+ Year-old Women Who Gave Birth
Poland Face Transplant Performed Weeks after Man Has Jaws Cr
Doctors Save Life Of Kaiba Gionfriddo, Ohio Boy, By 3-D 'Pri
Mom Dies, Delivers Baby, Comes Back to Life
Plane Crash Survivor, Kechi Okwuchi Personifies Faith &
Mute Girl Thought to Be Mentally Retarded Finds her Voice
God Works in Mysterious Ways
When God Lifts You Up
Surgeons Reduce Baby’s Six Legs to Two
Baby Found Alive in Morgue 12hours After Being Declared Dead
Holy Mallam Giving His Testimony
First Man ‘Functionally Cured’ of HIV
Transplant Recipient Learns to Accept his Fate, and his New
World's First True Artificial Eye
Doctors Implant Tooth into Eye, Restore Sight, Creep Everyon
Paralyzed Man Freely Moves After Getting Implant
Canadian Woman Survives 7 Weeks Lost in Remote Area of Nevad
Hero Dustman Saves Life of Choking One-year-old
Do You Heed Your Call for a Divine Intervention?
Rare Hand Transplant Performed in Atlanta
Chinese Girl with Missing Fingers Plays Stunning Piano Solo
Miracles in Japan: 4 Mth Old Baby, 70 Yr Old Woman Alive
Baby Kidnapped from Hospital in ’87 Solves Her Own Abduction
Boy Battling Deadly Tumour Scores Top GCSEs
Joy as 33 Trapped Chilean Miners are Brought 2 Surface Alive
Armless Pianist Liu Wei Defies Odds On 'China's Got Talent'
Miracle' in Colombia Jet Crash: 1 Dies, 130 Live
Secretary by Day, Royalty by Night
Nurse's Aide Crowned a Ugandan King
White Woman Singing In Yoruba
World's Oldest Mothers
Indian Woman has First Child at Age of 70
The Kindness of a Stranger
Have Faith in Prayers
Teen Who Lived 4 Months With No Heart, Leaves Hospital
Pilot Blinded by Stroke is Guided Safely to Ground
The secret of my success
Baby Pronounced Dead Lives After Hours in Cooler
My Baby Girl Died April 29, 2008/ God is So Good to Us!
Back from the Dead
Baby After 19 Years
Sosoliso Victim's Mum Delivers Twins
A Man's Heart
No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!
Can You Smell It.....
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